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Dissertation, guidance, Dissertation support, Dissertation coaching, Dissertation tutoring, Dissertation help for undergraduate and post graduate dissertations and theses: how to prepare and how to write a dissertation. TEL 0777 333 5480   Skype name: Dissertation Manager Online
Experience as Dissertation marker and examiner. One-To- One Skype online dissertation/thesis tuition (Not Agency)   100% pass rate to date - UK University Senior Lecturer, Examiner (retired).  I have an outstanding, flawless record: the majority of marks are 65%and 75%:- one dissertation publishable at 85%.
UK university senior lecturer, Dissertation Marker and examiner (retired). Dissertation Tutor, University Level Private Tutor, Education Consultant, Proof reader, Editor.
Call: 0777 333 5480
Skype name: Dissertation Manager Online