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I have a flawless dissertation tuition reputation - the majority of my students’ dissertation marks to date are between 65%and 75% with one dissertation advised by the student’s supervisor as being publishable at 85%. I am based in the United Kingdom and I provide online dissertation tuition worldwide. I have over 25 years’ experience as a UK University Lecturer, examiner with teaching, dissertation marking and dissertation supervisory experience (retired). I can assist you at any stage of your Dissertation or Thesis: from dissertation topic selection, establishing the dissertation aim, dissertation objectives and dissertation question, through dissertation literature reviewing, dissertation data collection and dissertation presentation, dissertation discussion and analysis to dissertation conclusion and recommendations. I can work with you to find a dissertation subject, help you in the construction of a dissertation research proposal, and guide you with your dissertation review and sources and literature. I can review dissertation drafts and help you to plan and structure your dissertation while also supporting you with the dissertation writing and presenting of your research arguments.  You may wish to focus specifically on the choice of your dissertation subject, dissertation research methods writing or you may want a dissertation tutor to guide you through the entire dissertation

The student is purchasing a set number of hours in relation to Skype consultation, One-To-One Dissertation Guidance, Tuition, Support, Reading documents, Reviewing document, Written and /or verbal Feedback, reference help, structure help. 
OPTION 1     Dissertation title: dissertation tuition in relation to deciding on a dissertation title or Dissertation topic area. 
OPTION 2     Dissertation Proposal or Dissertation   Generic outline structured guide example with guided notes
OPTION 3     Dissertation Proposal Help
OPTION 4     Dissertation Help: - OPTIONS 5 - 10 combined 
OPTION 5     Dissertation Introduction section: - 
OPTION 6    Dissertation Literature Review section and   research skills: 
OPTION 7     Dissertation Methodology Section
OPTION 8     Dissertation Results Presentation section
OPTION 9     Dissertation Discussion and Analysis section
OPTION 10   Dissertation Conclusion section
OPTION 11   Health Sector - whole Generic dissertation structured outline guide framework with guided notes
OPTION 12   Health Sector dissertation systematic review
OPTION 13   Health Sector dissertation systematic review including primary research
OPTION 14   Health Sector dissertation systematic review including proposal for research
OPTION 15   Dissertation proposal or dissertation proofreading      OPTION 16   Dissertation proposal or dissertation Pre Marking Reviewing: - Skype consultation, Editing, Proofreading, written feedback with comments on content development and Improvement. Aimed at improving the general quality of the work. 
OPTION 17   Dissertation Re submission - a previously failed dissertation                                      

Dissertation Support for undergraduates and Post graduates  
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