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Dissertation Proofreading, Dissertation Editing, Dissertation reviewing with written feedback

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1. Dissertation Proofreading price starts at £15    per 1000 words 

Spelling check and correction
Correcting grammatical errors
Sentence meaning check and correction
Punctuation, check capitalization
Page numbering check and correction
Writing, grammar check and correction
Check comma use and correction
Font matter set up check and correction
Correcting incorrect punctuation
Appropriate spacing check and correction
Correcting Typing errors and incorrect sentence construction
Correct any errors in Harvard referencing within the text
First-person elimination check and correction

2. Dissertation Editing, reviewing with written feedback
Priced after receiving the document 
Editing ,Reviewing, proofreading  for finished dissertations
The Option is aimed at improving the general quality of the work.
All previous work has improved by at least one grade through this service.
In addition to editing and formatting, assist with providing suggestions for improvement, prior to final submission.
Suggestion and recommendation for improvement on noted feedback


Dissertation, guidance, Dissertation support, Dissertation coaching, Dissertation tutoring, Dissertation help for undergraduate and post graduate dissertations and theses: how to prepare and how to write a dissertation. TEL 0777 333 5480   Skype name: Dissertation Manager Online
Over 25 years’ experience as Dissertation marker and examiner. One-To- One Skype online dissertation/thesis tuition (Not Agency)   100% pass rate to date - UK University Senior Lecturer, Examiner (retired).  I have an outstanding, flawless record: the majority of marks are 65%and 75%:- one dissertation publishable at 85%.
UK university senior lecturer, Dissertation Marker and examiner (retired). Dissertation Tutor, University Level Private Tutor, Education Consultant, Proof reader, Editor.
Call: 0777 333 5480

Skype name: Dissertation Manager Online